About us

Welcome to our webpages! Our company specializes in export and import of fruit for industrial processing purposes, i.e. production of fruit bases, fruit concentrates, puree, jams and other. In sommer and autumn we export mainly fresh or precooled fruits, delivered in various packaging, due to the customers requirement.

Fruits for concentrate production are usually exported in minced condition in food tanks, fruit dedicated for fresh market is delivered in 5kg cases for preserving required quality purposes, fruits that are dedicated for further industrious processing are dispatched in disposable wooden crates or in returnable green PE and NPE crates. Apple and pear stum for further industrious fabrication is usually delivered in truck bulk carriers. If required, it can be delivered in barrels or in box pallets.

Another activity of our company is the fabrication of fresh or precooled goods. In past few years the company began to import aseptically processed goods, fruit concentrates, jams, liquid sugar, pectins, or frozen fruit, packed and processed according to the customers requirement.

We are holders of BIO certificate since 2012, given by the certifying authority KEZ,Psc.