Farář was found in 1898 and was named after Josef Farář, its founder that began to fabricate and sell mustard in a small fabric in Prague – Libeň.

After WW I. in the year 1925 a new fabric was built in Prague – Uhříněves and it made not only mustard, but many other fruit products, mainly sterilized cucumbers. The company flourished and after WW II. it was on the top of its boom.

In 1948 was the fabric nationalized by Czech communist state and its owners were removed and evicted. The fabric was then used by the state-owned company called Středočeská Fruta and served for fabrication of mustard only.

In the year 1992 was the factory re-owned (restituted) by the family Šilhavý that were direct descendants of the Farář family. They re-found the company “Farář, Ltd” in Prague 22 – Uhříněves. It was impossible to return to production of mustard, so there was no production at all in the years 1996 – 2008.

Situation changed in 2009, when Farář took up all activities of the company Novafruct Praha and began to buy, process, export and import fresh fruit, precooled, frozen or dried. Later it began to import concentrates, sugar, pectin and other products.